Mining investigations

GeoCon have a vast experience in designing and undertaking mining investigations. Coal mining has been an influencing part of history and industry over the last 200 years and the impact that it has left is also quite extensive. Mainly affecting developments in areas of former coal workings. When coal mining is present beneath a site and some form of structure is built on that site, there is the potential for total and differential settlement of any structures or buildings at that site due to the heavy loadings being constructed over any voids left by coal mining techniques such as room and pillar / board and pillar. In addition to shallow coal workings former mine shafts can also present a hazard. Information provided by the Coal Authority can indicate the presence of a mine shaft at a site and whether or not it has been treated or capped. Identifying the locations of former mine shafts is our priority as these features can affect developments and can present health and safety issues.

GeoCon initially define the requirement for a mining investigation during the phase I preliminary site investigation based on information provided by the Coal Authority online and from their detailed records, and from geological maps.

Coal mining is not the only mining industry to affect developments, in parts of the country other forms of mining have occurred throughout our history such as tin, copper, lead and zinc amongst many more. In addition, in areas underlain by limestone, large voids or caverns underground can be present due to ground dissolution and other factors that can also affect developments.

Therefore, GeoCon offer a full mining investigation service on a site specific basis. Please enquire within for a bespoke quotation.


Quarry & Mineral Investigations

GeoCon undertake ground investigations specific to the mineral extraction, mining and quarrying industry.  We work for clients interested in investigating land for mineral extraction by drilling boreholes through both the drift and the solid geology, taking samples and performing subsequent laboratory analysis on the samples for their soil & rock properties and mineral content.

Our mineral and commodities investigation services include:

Shallow mineral resources such as sand and gravel for the building industry, and clay for pottery, porcelain and china manufacture.
Shallow rock deposits such as sandstone and limestone for quarrying and use in the building industry. Deep mineral deposits for mining such as coal, metallic and non-metallic deposits.

With a background in mineral exploration, we have the expertise to assist with all types of mineral exploration investigations.





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