Theatre Building Mold


This investigation was commissioned in preparation for a proposed extension to the existing listed theatre building undertaken to gain both geotechnical data, and understand the existing factor affecting foundations.

The work comprised of:

  • Two cable percussion boreholes.
  • Five machine excavated trial pits.
  • Four hand dug pits to expose existing foundations.
  • Two CBR tests
  • Insitu geotechnical and geoenvironmental testing and sampling.
  • The installation of two combined gas and groundwater monitoring standpipes.
  • Subsequent groundwater and ground gas over six months.
  • A suite of geotechnical laboratory analysis.
  • A suite of chemical laboratory analysis.
  • Production of a phase 2 report.


The site investigation fieldwork took place from Monday 7th to Friday 11th October, ground gas and water level monitoring is ongoing.

The depth to natural strata was confirmed across the site by the boreholes and trial pits, with the geology recorded to 13.00 mbgl. The foundations of the existing structure were exposed and recorded using hand dug pits. CBR values for the surface strata were also taken

The site investigation fieldwork was completed on schedule and all works beneath tarmac were fully resurfaced.

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