Phase 2 Site Investigations

Phase 2 Site Investigations are the second stage in the site investigation process, where the results and recommendations presented in the Phase 1 Desk Study outline the requirement for further investigation. This is usually a ‘preliminary investigation’ by way of intrusive ground investigation using a combination of various techniques depending on the potential risks identified during the Phase 1 Desk Study. GeoCon are experts in ground investigations for all types of sites and projects including contaminated land, proposed roads, bridges and infrastructure, areas of former mining, areas of landfill and much more.

Phase 2 Site Investigation techniques include hand pitting, machine excavated trial pitting, window sampling and windowless sampling, cable percussion boreholes, rotary open boreholes and rotary cored boreholes. Each technique is used for different applications and a typical ground investigation may comprise a combination of the above techniques depending on factors such as sources / receptors, geology / hydrogeology and access constraints. The ideal Phase 2 Site Investigation would be designed to collect information on a site as a whole for both geoenvironmental and geotechnical purposes, this is the most cost effective as it reduces the potential for repeat investigation, during a site investigation samples would be collected for chemical testing and geotechnical testing.

Standard practice would be for one of our specialist engineering geologists to design the preliminary site investigation using targeted and non targeted methods to achieve a good overall coverage of the site and to target any potential sources. The results of this investigation would usually be enough to determine a sites suitability for use and in some cases may outline the requirement for further work or Phase 3 Site Investigation.

By undertaking a Phase 2 Preliminary Site Investigation, it allows us to keep costs down for our clients as most sites would not require a Phase 3 Detailed Site Investigation.

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