Residential development Stockport


This investigation was commissioned to allow our client to assess the potential this former inert landfill has for residential development and was undertaken to gain both geotechnical and geoenvironmental data.

The work comprised of:

  • Twenty five cable percussion boreholes.
  • Twenty seven windowless sample boreholes.
  • Twenty two machine excavated trial pits.
  • Three trial trenches to identify the extent of the boundary.
  • Insitu geotechnical and geoenvironmental testing and sampling.
  • The installation of seventeen combined gas and groundwater monitoring standpipes.
  • Subsequent groundwater and ground gas over twelve months.
  • A suite of geotechnical laboratory analysis.
  • A suite of chemical laboratory analysis.
  • Production of an interpretative report.

The site investigation fieldwork took place over the period 13th to the 22nd March 2018, ground gas monitoring is ongoing.

The base of the landfilled former brick quarry was confirmed to a depth of 9.50 mbgl and founded in the Glacial Till. The underlying bedrock, the Chester Formation, is a Principal Aquifer and it was an essential part of the investigation that the clay underlying the site was not penetrated and the underlying Aquifer exposed to potential contamination.

The site investigation fieldwork was completed ahead of programme and under budget.

Additional work was instructed related to former culverts running across the site impacting the neighbouring rail land.

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Site Investigations Accreditations
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