Remediation work to start on one of Europe’s most contaminated sites.

The East Midlands Development Agency and the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) have announced that work at the former Avenue Coking Works will start on site in August 2009.`
The site, a former coking works is located at Wingerworth, near Chesterfield, Derbyshire has an area of approximately 98 ha.
Works have been ongoing since around 1999 and the remediation follows a full detailed site investigation at the property in order to assess the environmental risks associated with the site.
Recent confirmation that £172.3 million funding for the project by the Treasury will include full remediation of the site and this finance will ensure that the clean-up operation can now start and work can begin aiming to achieve a long term goal of the creation of high-quality public space, employment opportunities and potential land for new homes.
The remedial operations are thought to take around four years to complete with final end uses that include residential housing, commercial property development, a nature reserve and recreational facilities. In addition, a flood relief scheme will also be incorporated into the development to alleviate the wider Chesterfield area from the risk of flooding from the River Rother.
Activity on site has already commenced with the decommissioning of the chemical plant and filed trials on the technology choice for treatment of the contaminated soil. In addition in order to help preserve and protect local wildlife, an area of around 18ha has been remediated.
Diana Gillespie from the East Midlands Development Agency described the project as a “major capital scheme due to stimulate the regional economy during this economic down turn.”

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