Middleton Wind Farm, nr Kilmarnock

GeoCon undertake a geotechnical site investigation at Middleton Wind Farm in Scotland approximately 15 miles to the south of Glasgow for a larger consultancy based in the Northwest of England. The site is situated on farm land / moorland occupied by hard peaks comprising of volcanic rocks with peat bogs in the low lying areas between.

The site investigation comprise trial pitting and CBR testing along the proposed road networks with rotary coring at ten locations – six wind turbines, one anemometer mast and two proposed borrow pits.
Due to the remote access and soft peat areas, a low bearing pressure excavated was arranged to assist with manoeuvring machinery and equipment around the site. In addition large bog mats were mobilised to site to enable the rotary drilling rigs to track across soft areas of peat up to 2.5m deep in places.


Due to the extremely strong nature of the volcanic’s at the site water was required to aid the drilling process. Water then had to be was pumped over 700m in distance with around a 40m head from a nearby stream on site to the drilling locations.

Overall the investigation was a complete success delivering a high quality of information to the client.

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Site Investigations Accreditations
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