Barrack Hill, Romiley

GeoCon undertake a Phase I Desk Study and subsequent Phase II Site Investigation on land at Barrack Hill Romiley. The project was for a client who intends to sell his land and required a Phase I preliminary investigation and Phase II site investigation to discharge conditions of the planning permission. In addition the potential land buyer insisted that a condition of the purchase was that our client has the Phase I and Phase II site investigations carried out before the sale was agreed.

The Phase I preliminary site investigation revealed the potential for contamination at the site; the site was underlain by reworked topsoil and granular made ground overlying wheathered mudstone; the Phase II site investigation recorded elevated arsenic within the rewokerd topsoil at the site.

Recommendations were to remove the reworked topsoil from areas of proposed landscaping and garden areas. Following this this site was deemed suitable for use.

Our client proceeded with the sale of his land and was very hapy with the work carried out by GeoCon.

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