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Geocon Site Investigations Engineering Geologists

Our Services:

We provide site investigation, ground investigation, geotechnical consultancy, environmental consultancy and geothermal services across the UK and have an extensive experience working in over 90% of UK geology and ground conditions.

As Engineering Geologists we provide the above services both as single services and as part of a full complete service, and try to offer a one stop shop to our clients. GeoCon Site Investigations Ltd are specialist site investigation consultants and contractors and our services include Environmental Consultancy (GeoEnvironmental), Geotechnical Consultancy and Geothermal consultancy.

We specialise in Ground Engineering and Engineering Geology within the construction industry and focus on site investigation of Brownfield (potentially contaminated land) and Greenfield land, for all Environmental and Geotechnical projects.

GeoCon Site Investigations head office is located in South Manchester, and we have a further five regional offices located in London East, London West, Birmingham, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, and Cardiff .

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Phase I Preliminary Site Investigation:

Phase I Preliminary Risk assessment or Preliminary Site Investigations (desk studies) are prepared by environmental consultants and are used to gain a profile of a site to establish its environmental setting including the site history, geology, topography, hydrology, hydrogeology, mining history, and nearby landfill sites.

This allows us to determine the requirement for any subsequent Phase II Site Investigation based on identifying any potential contaminant sources from any current and former land uses either on site or within influencing distance to the site; potential receptors such as humans, controlled waters and the environment; and potential pathways such as groundwater, wind, direct contact with soils etc.

This source, pathway, receptor methodology enables us to build a Conceptual Site Model (CSM) and establish any ‘pollutant linkages’ which then enables us to design a suitable targeted ground investigation.

Phase II Site Investigation:

GeoCon undertake site investigations of both brownfield and greenfield land.  All site investigations are designed / targeted based on information collated in the initial Phase I Preliminary Risk Assessment and are subsequently undertaken via Phase II intrusive site investigation.

Our ground investigations  use techniques which include boreholes, trial pits, window sampling & windowless sampling, soil and rock sampling, CBR and plate load testing, soak-away testing & design, subsequent chemical and geotechnical analysis, and environmental monitoring (gas & groundwater).

A Phase II Site investigation is the fundamental part of the land investigation process and as GeoEnvironmental consultants we specialise in all aspects of site investigation, from Phase I Desk Study through to Phase II intrusive site investigation.

Geotechnical Consultancy:

Geotechnical services by GeoCon form part of our complete site investigation service which includes geotechnical site investigation to assist with foundation & substructure design, slope stability assessments, and the investigation of potential mine workings & mine shafts.

We then provide subsequent geotechnical laboratory analysis, geotechnial monitoring (standpipes, piezometers, vibrating wire piezometers, inclinometers, and extensometers) and reporting (both factual and interpretative) based on the individual client needs.

Environmental Consultancy:

Environmental Consultancy services for the identification and investigation of potentially contaminated land including human health risk assessment, controlled water risk assessment, ground gas risk assessment, and flood risk assessment.

Geothermal Consultancy:

As part of our GeoEnvironmental consultancy, GeoCon also specialise in geothermal services which include geothermal feasibility studies (geothermal desk studies), geothermal drilling & ground loop installation, and thermal response testing for Ground Source Heat Pumps (GSHP).

GeoCon undertake geothermal desk studies or feasibility studies to assist clients who are considering the implementation of a Ground Source Heat Pump.  Our reliable geothermal desk study gives a client all the information required to make his/her selection on the use and type of GSHP system.

Geothermal Drilling:

GeoCon also provide a Geothermal Drilling service which is undertaken to facilitate the installation of geothermal ground loops (ground collectors) as part of any Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) system.  GeoCon undertake geothermal drilling, ground loop installation and subsequent backfill using a specialist thermal enhanced bentonite grout.

This gives a greater thermal conductivity than a regular civil engineering grade grout and should be bespoke to each individual site based on the thermal properties of the soils and rocks beneath the site.

We then complete the installation with a pressure test and flow test on each loop before subsequent sign off, where we sign off each geothermal borehole as completed with ground loop correctly installed.

GeoCon offer a nationwide geothermal consultancy and drilling service for closed loop installations and open loop installations on both residential, commercial and industrial developments. As an alternative we can also provide geothermal trenching services for horizontal installations.

As part of our service we can also provide a thermal response test service for larger projects with thermal testing to give a more accurate indication of the actual thermal properties of the ground.  This should confirm the findings of the geothermal desk study and can help to refine the exact number of geothermal boreholes required to avoid over sizing or under sizing the system.


We undertake all work in accordance with BS10175: 2001 Code of Practice for the Investigation of Potentially Contaminated Sites and Eurocode 7. All subsurface materials are described in accordance with BS5930 and Euro Code EN ISO 14688 & EN ISO 14689.

  • All drillers used on our site investigations are BDA (British Drilling Association) accredited.
  • All staff hold a CSCS card and GeoCon holds a platinum CSCS status.
  • All chemical laboratories used have the relevant MCERTS and are UCAS accredited.
  • All geotechnical testing is carried out in accordance with BS1377 and ISRM methodology, and our laboratories are UKAS accredited.
  • Results of any chemical analysis are screened against relevant guideline values (GV’s), such as the Environment Agency Soil Guideline Values (SGV’s), the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health (CIEH) General Acceptance Criteria (GAC’s), and in house Site Specific Acceptance Criteria (SSAC) for soils, and current UK DWS (Drinking Water Standards) and EQS (Environmental Quality Standards) for controlled waters.
  • All environmental monitoring is carried out in accordance with CIRIA 665, and BS ISO 5667-17 2008.
  • Advice on Concrete design is given in accordance with BRE Special Digest 1. Concrete in aggressive ground.
  • Soak-aways are designed in accordance with BRE Digest 365.


We specialise in Ground Engineering and Engineering Geology within the construction industry and focus on site investigation of Brownfield (potentially contaminated land) and Greenfield land, for all Environmental and Geotechnical projects.

Please do call us on 0161 732 0001 for our help on your project.

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