CBR and plate load testing

GeoCon offer CBR and plate load testing for clients who require information regarding the sub base materials when undertaking road pavement design or other projects such as parking / loading areas, astro turf or other sports surfaces.

CBR tests are carried out on fine materials and plate load tests are done when the underlying materials are coarse. The result of the plate load test gives a CBR equivalent value.

GeoCon offer CBR & plate load testing as part of our complete ground investigation package. We then provide the results to the client to enable them to design any roads and pavements accordingly.

CBR and plate load testing can also be used to assist in designing temporary foundations for construction compounds, piling mats or crane location on a particular site.

Rates start from £600.00 per day plus excavator hire (excavators are only required for plate load tests).  In order to reduce costs we recommend that clients organise their own excavator.

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CBR Testing

The California Bearing Ratio test, or CBR test, is an in-situ testing method which is used to estimate the bearing value and the mechanical strength of highway sub-bases and subgrades. In the test, a cylindrical plunger which has an area of 1935mm2 is forced into the soil at a uniform rate of 1 mm per minute. This requires the use of a reaction load, (usually a 4WD drive vehicle), to provide the force to the plunger and CBR press. The CBR is the ratio of the force required to cause a standard penetration divided by the force required to cause the same penetration in a standard material, expressed as a percentage.

GeoCon can provide in house CBR testing nationwide for our clients.

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