Geotechnical Consultancy Services

GeoCon Site Investigations Ltd offer a full geotechnical service ranging from site investigation, through to geotechnical consultancy.  What ever the project we have a highly skilled team that can provide a geotechnical consultancy service.  We specialise in the following areas:

For further information on the above and any Geotechnical consultancy services not mentioned please contact us via the details at the top of this site or via the contact page.

Geotechnical engineering is a division of engineering geology that focuses primarily on substructures and focuses on obtaining information about the soils and rocks beneath a site and regarding their strengths, characteristics and engineering behaviour to provide detailed information to the civil or structural engineer to allow them to design suitable foundations and substructures for the project in question.

Many have fallen with problems such as settlement and cracking years later on construction projects that have not had an adequate site specific geotechnical investigation carried out prior to construction.

GeoCon cannot emphasise enough, the importance of a good geotechnical site investigation.

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